Electropunctural measurements: interpretation, program and practical application

Key words: acupuncture, electropunctural diagnostics, clinical index PASI, autonomic nerve system, program.

Subjects of the investigation: methods of diagnostics and planning of acupuncture based on measurings of electro-conductivity; the subject of the clinical investigations - 55 patients with acute condition of psoriasis.

The aim of the study is to develop a theory and algorithms for a diagnostic interpretation of electropunctural investigation results and the planning of punctural physiotherapy (electroacupuncture).

Methods: electropunctural diagnostics by Y.Nakatani, clinical method, immunologics, concept analysis, classification, scalation and formalisation of critera and conditions, conceptual and graphic modelling, methods of creation of algorithms, systematization, statistics.

Equipment: program-meters complex "Points".

Results. Based on conducted investigations the following methods were developed and introduced into clinical practice: system planning of acupuncture; functional interpretation of physiological and pathological conditions; models, algorithms and programs for a new automatized technology of electropunctural diagnostics and planning of acupuncture.

Innovation. The author of the investigation pioneered in the system interpretation of results of electropunctural diagnostics by Y.Nakatani, which is realised in the above-mentioned technology.

Recomendations. The developed methods and means are appropriate to be used for diagnostics of functional disorders of organs and organism systems, for prediction of the disease development and planning of punctural physiotherapy as well as preventive measures.

The field of usage. Physiotherapy, acupuncture, medicine.