Registration (vers. from 2011)


             While starting the programme for the first time, you may have paid attention to the warning that without registration it will be working only for 10 days.

              In this period you must register the programme. Arrange the time of your registration by calling the phone numbers+(375-29)-7713446;

            +(375-29)-3993446 or sending an E-mail message to:  Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript  ;  Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript  . In case of changing phone numbers or the

             E-mail address refer to the Internet site; in case of changing the site refer to a search server using the key words “Igor V. BOYTSOV”.

To begin with registration after starting the programme click <License> on the upper/main board. A window “Licensing” will be displayed where you see a lines: “Code of entry”, “Computer’s number”, “Code of activation”, “Number of activation”, “Password”. There are lines with names of the functionality of the complex on the left of this window. Here the ‘ticks’ marked those program’s functionalities that are authorized for this computer.

Licensing - a way to permit to use the program with the desired functionality.


               Licensing of two ways:

             1). By phone or SMS-message: you call and tell the developer "Code of entry" and "Computer's number". The developer tells you the "Code of activation"

             and "Activation's number". You enter your name (your name must be at least 8 characters) and the received data and click <License>. Program will be

             active with the desired functionality.

              2). By Internet  (before registration, make sure Internet connection). It takes place in two stages:  Step 1. Registration of applications for licensing.

               Enter your name and click <License>. Your request will be posted on the site of developer what you will be notified in a message on the screen.

               Please notify the developer of your application by sending a letter or SMS. Your applications will be processed. Step 2. Licensing of program.

               After receiving notification from the developer, click <License>. Program will be active with the desired functionality.


             ATTENTION! Every time you open the window ”Licensing”, the ”Code of entry” changes, that is why you should sign “Code of activation”

             and “Number of activation” - codes provided over the phone into the corresponding lines while staying in the window ”Licence”.

            ATTENTION! After receiving the licence for programme operation, copy the file ”vitebsk.lf” from the “POINTS” - folder onto a disketta since

             it remains for ever your licence for ”POINTS” programme operation. If for any reason you have to re-install the “POINTS” programme on the

             same computer, it will be sufficient to change the file of the same name in the “POINTS” folder of a newly installed programme by the file

             from your this diskette. So you can automatically obtain a licence for operating our programme on this computer. A re-installation of the

             program should be done to new folder.