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If you have the complex "POINTS", you can count on the assistance of developers always!!!

Doctors from more than twenty-five countries across five continents use dynamic segmental diagnosis in their professional activities. We work with all users, especially with academic institutions and departments, among which wants to highlight: Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (Nizhny Novgorod, Professor Polyakova Alla) - research activity of segmental neural groups of patients with traumatic lesions of the spinal cord); National Research Institute of Tuberculosis (Minsk, Belarus, professor Bogomazova Alla - investigation of the vegetative status in patients with active tuberculosis); Dept. of reflexology and manipulation of the Medical Academy of Russia (Moscow, Russia, Academician Goidenko Vasily - testing of spinal nerves and joint training programs); Department of Physiotherapy and Health Resort Medical Academy (St. Petersburg, Russia, Professor Kir'yanova Vera - testing of patients with distal polyneuropathy and joint training programs); Dept. of reflexology and rehabilitation medicine Medical Academy (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, Professor Tatiana Belousova - joint training programs); Russia Federal Center of Eye and Plastic Surgery Center (Ufa, Russia, Professor Ernst Muldashev - study of patients with diseases of the organ of vision); International European Association of Acupuncture ICMART (Riga, Latvia, Professor Nikolay Nikolaev - DSD application testing in acupuncture); Department of Dermatology and Venereology Medical University (Vitebsk, Belarus, Vladimir professor.Adaskevich - a study of patients with systemic dermatoses); Department of Health Systems Center for Medical Technology, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk, Professor Rostovtsev, Vladimir - scientific justification DSD-test); National Research Institute of Physiology Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk, academician Vladimir Ulashchik --- scientific support of the method).

We are concerned that our users were literate professionals, so we offer seminars and enhance the professionalism of our users to better understand the dynamic development of segment diagnosis of internal systems of the body, and Dynamic diagnosis of segmental spinal nerves and typical violations of the spinal circulation. Field seminars became the norm for us, regardless of distance and visa restrictions. One of our goals is a scientific theoretical and practical justification for testing electro-acupuncture points on the basis of reflex sympathetic segmental cutaneous reactions.

We do not stop to improve our diagnostic and therapeutic impact direction. There are now also implemented a new version of the software complex "POINTS". The new version has a new design and new features for processing test results.