For the eastern massage

Software-hardware complex for diagnostic testing of the meridian system of man with an automatic appointment of a prescription is proposed for the eastern massage therapists, therapist and medical doctor profile:


 Traditional oriental massage - this is one of the ancient and unique methods of healing the body, this massage is based on the mutual influence of the skin, tendons, muscles and internal organs.

Traditional oriental massage on the face and head has a good effect of the body:

  • First: a cosmetic effect for the face and neck with the strengthening of the hair follicles of the scalp due to trophic reconstruction of the autonomic innervation of subcutaneous layers, and
  • Second: physiological regulation of the internal organs due to target meridian system of man.

Thus, realized one of the principles of Oriental Medicine: natural harmony of body and appearance.

Traditional oriental massage for skin lines of the meridians is used as an effective method of therapeutic effects to restore normal vegetative support of skin, scalp and neck.

Traditional oriental massage in tendon-muscle groups of face used as an effective method of therapeutic effect on mimic muscles, muscles of the neck and scalp.

Traditional oriental massage in tendon-muscle groups of limbs used as an effective method of treating a variety of pathological states of the organism.


 Technique of massage is quite simple, you can easily learn to massage. Mainly used potalkivanie and stroking along the lines of the meridians, as well as Pressing a finger to the area of biologically active points. The strength, location and direction of effects on the skin should be strictly correlated with the nature of a pathology of classical meridians. Therefore, the main feature of the traditional Oriental massage is holding a special pre-diagnosis to detect violations in the meridian system of rights.

The basis of this diagnosis is the testing of sympathetic skin reactions in the region of the meridian lines.

We have developed a unique hardware-software complex "POINTS" to carry out a qualified cosmetic oriental massage the face, neck and scalp, including therapeutic massage on the tendon-muscle groups of the extremities.

The complex "POINTS" does not require knowledge of traditional medicine and a special computer training. Complex has all the functions automatically. The results are displayed on the computer screen and printer.

Typically, a course of massage consists of 10 procedures. Procedures are conducted daily or every other day. Length of one procedure ranges from 15 to 40 minutes.