Computer-Controlled Complex for Diagnosing and Treating of Autonomic nerve disorders "POINTS"



A computer-controlled complex "POINTS" operating on the principle of Segmentary Neuro-Functional Diagnostics consists of the hardware connected to the PC of IBM-PC type in a standard configuration and of the software working in an operational system WINDOWS - 9x//Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/W7/W8/W10.

The method of Segmentary Neuro-Functional Diagnostics consists in comparative assessment of changing skin electroconductivity parameters at the points of active electrode application in response to a slight stimulation of nervous knots of the sympathetic nervous trunk by a standard electric impulses directed at certain areas dermatom areas on upper and lower limbs.

The method of acupuncture consists in a directed normalising influence on vegetative nervous centres and knots after preliminary diagnosis of vegetative disorders in a certain patient.

 The hardware of the complex fulfills the following functions:
  • automatic recording of electroconductivity indices of a patient's skin in the area of an active electrode application; the measuring current being of standard parameters;
  • generating of variously configured currents for an automated electropunctural exposure.

The software of the complex performs the following functions:

  • manages the device;
  • creates an easy to use interface between the user and the computer;
  • preserves and interprets the received parameters;
  • displays the diagnostic results on screen and printer;
  • program is implemented in English, Russian, German, Spanish, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, French, Italian, Swedish, Hungarian, Danish, Finnish, Portuguese , Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Macedonian, Dutch, Romanian, Estonian and Turkish language versions to the greatest practical use of the complex in different countries. 

For therapists the results of measurements are interpreted in the following ways:

  • diagnostics of level of autonomic nerve disorders;
  • diagnostics of autonomic disorders of viscera with a diagnostic statement expressed in terms of classical medicine;
  • assessment of pathological process dynamics and of effects of an administered therapy;
  • differential diagnosis of irregular manifestations of therapeutical and surgical pathologies.

For doctors who are in command of methods of acupuncture

(classical acupuncture, cautery, laser acupuncture, magnetic acupuncture, punctural massage) the results of measurements are interpreted for the following purposes:

  • to evaluate the condition of a patient's meridian system: in the level of general energy - general autonomic tonus of the organism; in the level of general Ying-Yang energy - comparative characteristics of autonomic tonus for parenchymal and cavel nonstriated muscular organs, in the level of Ying -Yang disorders in quadrants - a more detailed comparison of autonomic tonus for parenchymal and cavel nonstriated muscular organs; and in the level of physiological impairment of certain meridians - a relation "sympatheticus/ parasympatheticus" in certain functional system;
  • to choose an expert system of exposure points for a punctural correction of physiological balance in the meridian system of the organism (the hardware for an automatic searching of acupoints as well as the software with reference information and an illustrated colour atlas are provided for this function).

For doctors who are in command of methods of manual therapy

  • to diagnostic the condithions of spinal nerves ;
  • to diagnostic the typical infringements of the spinal blood circulations.



The Complex consists of several functional parts:

1. Diagnostics of a condition of internal systems of an organism, adaptable processes and a level defeats of autonomic nervous system: the general tone of an organism, the general vegetative tone (balance of sympathetic/parasympathetic), infringements at defeat head and a spinal cord - procedure of testing is carried out in an automatic mode and have about 10 minutes, results of testing are displayed and also printing in the form of schedules, phantoms and the text of the diagnostic conclusions;

2. Diagnostics of a condition of spinal nerves and typical infringements spinal bloodcirculation - procedure of testing of all departments of a backbone have about 30 minutes or 7 minutes are for a cervical department, 13 minutes are for chest and 7 minutes are for lumbar, results of diagnostics are displayed and also printing in the form of schedules, phantoms and the text of the diagnostic conclusions;

3. Electropunctural reflexotherapy - a painless and nonivasive method of influence on acupunctural points, the recipe of points of influence gets out automatically for carrying out any of kinds punctural reflexotherapies (acupuncture, electropuncture, cauterization, massage of acupoints) in view of a condition of person's meridian system at four possible levels of "vital energy's" disturbance - a level of the general energy "qi", a level of the general YING-YANG energy, a level on-square's infringements of YING-YANG energy and a level of infringement of physiological balance in separate meridians; there is a multilayered atlas of points with the help information for definitions of their localization, instrument search acupoints also is stipulated;

4. East massage: cosmetic and medical variants - the recipe of massage gets out automatically on the basis of a diagnostics results and it is displayed on a phantoms with the instruction of a method of influence and a direction of finger's movement of the masseur on meridian's lines;

5. Graphic modeling of diagnostics results - this software allows to process a database in an automatic mode and to reveal typical pathological changes of functional systems for the set groups of patients with construction of graphic model pathologies, with an opportunity of carrying out of the comparative analysis of results of patient's testing with concrete model (basically it is used in command kinds of sports, for scientific researches and others);

Testing of a bioelectromagnetizm's fields- external and internal, quantitative and qualitative characteristics.



The method for diagnostics and treatment realized by means of the computer-controlled complex "POINTS" gives any doctor a possibility:

  • to early reveal the disorders of organs and systems in the stage of Autonomic nerve disorders when the therapy is the most effective;
  • to conduct mass preventive examinations (6-7 patients per hour) revealing risk groups for certain disorders;
  • to carry out a dynamic prophylactic medical supervision of condition of patients from various groups with a possible control of antirelapse treatment;
  • to control exposures to damaging factors of a professional environment and to determine characteristic features of such an exposure" for organs and systems;
  • to treat patients using biologically active points by methods of elektropuncture, electroacupuncture and of microelectrophoresis with an automatic regulation of affecting current parameters.

The software of the complex:

  • creates a diagnostic data base for each patient, demonstrates it on the monitor and types it by means of a printer;
  • processes, analyzes, demonstrates on the monitor and prints the results of diagnostics in numerical, textual and symbolic variants using a colorgram;
  • realizes an algorhithmic and informational cooperation between a doctor and a computer in a convenient dialogue mode which does not require any special computer knowledge and skills from the side of an operator.

Hardware-software solution for testing of spinal nerves and spinal circulatory disorders typically offered for manual therapists, osteopaths, specialists in applied kinesiology, vertebroneurology.

The purpose of diagnostic studies: 90% of the population have a manifestation of osteochondrosis, in connection with such a wide spread of the disease an urgent problem of medicine is diagnosis of the vertebral-motor segments. The ability to quickly and correctly determine the pathology of a particular segment of the spine leads to the timely appointment of adequate therapy.

Of relevance is the identification of chronic disorders of the spinal blood circulation, which remain hidden pathologies, with grave consequences for the patient.

Dynamic segmental diagnosis allows for a short period of time (about 30 minutes) to assess the functional status of spinal nerves and draw a conclusion about the presence of the corresponding intervertebral canals mechanical obstacles to the passage of the neurovascular bundle. Typically, such mechanical barriers are: first, the herniated disc (lateral herniation causing nerve pathology on his side, rear hernia violate the conductivity on both segmental nerves due to compression of epidural venous plexus), and, secondly, the walls of the spinal bones channels by displacing vertebrae.

Diagnostic procedure can be divided into several stages:

1. Active electrode set paravertebrally in the cutaneous segment (atlas of the electrode is installed on the screen);

2.Test starts automatically. Electric current irritates the nerve receptors in the skin and nervous afferent impulses along the nerve guides are in the appropriate segment of the spinal cord.

3. Changing the function of neurons is a reflex and electrophysiological properties of the skin area change.

4. Skin conductivity is measured continuously. Graph of this index is based on the screen.

5. Analysis of the results is carried out after the diagnosis.

Test results are displayed on the screen and Print (in the form of graphs, phantoms and the text of diagnostic findings).

The abnormal response may be two main types: first - irritation of the nerve (1.2, 3 degrees). Generally it occurs when friction between the shell of the nerve or at the initial stage of ischemia of the nerve. And the second type - a nerve hypofunction (1,2, 3 degrees). Basically it is due to compression of nerve fibers, as well as the final stage of ischemia of the nerve.

Diagnosis of typical violations of the spinal circulation: because almost half the population (52,8%) has a trunk (pausegmentarny) type of blood supply to the spinal cord, then there is only one artery (a.Adamkevicha) is below the level Th.2 or two arteries (a.Adamkevicha + a.Deprozh-Getterona or + upper additional artery), then any mechanical obstacle in the intervertebral canal, where this arteria is, causing circulatory disorders of the spinal cord.

Violation of the spinal circulation has a specific pattern of change of the autonomic regulation of skin segments, which allows to detect ischemia of the spinal cord even in the early stages. When such violations DSD-testing shows that the activity of the upper segmental level is normal, but lower - reduced to varying degrees (we see a reverse picture of the pathology of vertebral arteries).

DSD-testing of spinal nerves can detect abnormal vertebral-motor segment. The correct diagnosis results in the adequate treatment and prevent life-threatening complications of the above pathology.

 Software-hardware complex for diagnostic testing of the meridian system of man with an automatic appointment of a prescription is proposed for the eastern massage therapists, therapist and medical doctor profile:

Traditional oriental massage - this is one of the ancient and unique methods of healing the body, this massage is based on the mutual influence of the skin, tendons, muscles and internal organs.

Traditional oriental massage on the face and head has a good effect of the body:

  • First: a cosmetic effect for the face and neck with the strengthening of the hair follicles of the scalp due to trophic reconstruction of the autonomic innervation of subcutaneous layers, and
  • Second: physiological regulation of the internal organs due to target meridian system of man.

Thus, realized one of the principles of Oriental Medicine: natural harmony of body and appearance.

Traditional oriental massage for skin lines of the meridians is used as an effective method of therapeutic effects to restore normal vegetative support of skin, scalp and neck.

Traditional oriental massage in tendon-muscle groups of face used as an effective method of therapeutic effect on mimic muscles, muscles of the neck and scalp.

Traditional oriental massage in tendon-muscle groups of limbs used as an effective method of treating a variety of pathological states of the organism.


Technique of massage is quite simple, you can easily learn to massage. Mainly used potalkivanie and stroking along the lines of the meridians, as well as Pressing a finger to the area of biologically active points. The strength, location and direction of effects on the skin should be strictly correlated with the nature of a pathology of classical meridians. Therefore, the main feature of the traditional Oriental massage is holding a special pre-diagnosis to detect violations in the meridian system of rights.

The basis of this diagnosis is the testing of sympathetic skin reactions in the region of the meridian lines.

Typically, a course of massage consists of 10 procedures. Procedures are conducted daily or every other day. Length of one procedure ranges from 15 to 40 minutes.


We have developed a unique hardware-software complex "POINTS" to carry out a qualified cosmetic oriental massage the face, neck and scalp, including therapeutic massage on the tendon-muscle groups of the extremities.

The complex "POINTS" does not require knowledge of traditional medicine and a special computer training. Complex has all the functions automatically. The results are displayed on the computer screen and printer.