The body vegetative balance study by testing skin sympathetic reactions (2013)

Boytsov I.V. // Modern Technologies in Medicine. - 2013. - Vol. 5(1). - P. 104-109. 





The aim of the investigation was  to identify the regularities of skin sympathetic reaction changes in healthy people and patients with pathology of basal systems of the body.

Materials and Methods. We examined 120 patients with various pathologies, and 30 healthy people. The patients were chosen by random sampling technique, and divided into 12 clinical experimental groups. Each group (5 male and 5 female) consisted of the patients with severe and moderately severe pathology of a particular visceral system with significant dysfunctions or structural damage of organ tissues.

Results. The study demonstrated healthy people to have segmental skin sympathetic reactions balanced in their intensity compared to the patients with particular body system pathology, who were found to have the typical for this pathology changes in the activity of skin sympathetic reactions in distal extremities. in the course of the investigation we revealed 12 pairs of skin segments responsible for vegetative supply, the findings making a considerable contribution to the study of segmental nerve supply of the body.   

Key words: skin sympathetic reactions; autonomic nervous system; skin segments of vegetative provision; dynamic segmental diagnostics.


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