Method of testing skin sympathetic reactions and the concept of vegetotome

    Boitsov I. V., // Medical Jurnal. -Minsk, 2011.- №2 (36). - P.23-27.



The aim of the study consists in forming a certain conception on the base of evidence obtained by Dynamic Segmentary Diagnostics as a means of testing skin sympathetic reactions. Patients with various diseases as well as practically healthy people (more than 15000, male and female, aged from 17 to 93) and children aged from 2 months to 16 years were examined. It has been demonstrated that there is a direct correlation between the degree of reflectory skin sympathetic reactions and the condition of vegetative neurons of the thoracic spinal cord while the afferent impulse is being transmitted along the conductive pathways of vegetative sensitivity. In the course of investigations twelve pairs of skin segments responsible for vegetative supply were  found and the concept of a vegetotome was proposed which is to be viewed as a site of embryonic foundation of the vegetative nervous system which forms a single whole innervation of separate areas of the  mesoderm, endoderm  and ectoderm.

Key words: autonomic nervous system, skin sympathetic reactions, vegetotome, acupuncture.