Dynamic Segmentary Diagnostics (DSD-test)

                      Boitsov I. V., // Traditional medicina. -Moscow, 2011.- №2 (25). - P.19-25.


The purpose of work was to provide a method for testing skin sympathetic reactions, its theoretical rationale and study the possibility of application in medical practice based on the conceptual understanding of data obtained in the course of the study. We surveyed patients with various pathology and practically healthy people in total of 15000 people aged from 2 months to 93 years. We conducted clinical and experimental study, theoretical justification of the method of dynamic segmental diagnosis. Indications for the use of DSD in practice medical doctor, surgical doctor, manual-therapist, reflex-therapist were determined. According to study 12 pairs of skin segments of vegetative provision on the human body have been allocated. The concept and the existence vegetotoma as part of the embryonic element of the autonomic nervous system, forming a united autonomic innervation of individual sections of meso-, ethno-and ectoderm.

 Keywords: autonomic nervous system, skin sympathetic response, dynamic segmental diagnosis, skin segments vegetative provision, vegetotoma, acupuncture.