Punctural diagnostics: modern look at the method (2013)

Boytsov I.V. // The New Armenian Medical Journal, 2013.– Vol. 7. – №2.– P. 47-59.


Methods of testing the meridian system should be subdivided into two main directions: acupuncture diagnostics and segmental neurofunctional diagnostics. The acupuncture diagnostics is based on testing skin physiological properties at acupuncture points and aimed at determining the condition of separate parts of the functional systems but not at diagnostics of meridians themselves. The segmental neurofunctional diagnostics results from testing skin reactions at the meridian projections and identifies the meridian activities. The dynamic method of segmental neurofunctional diagnostics is the most effective one.

The key words:

acupuncture diagnostics, dynamic segmental diagnostics, acupuncture.

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